Wine Country Mini Aussies

Hello, we are a small breeder in California of International Champion Sired Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppies. We primarily have Blue Merle's, Red Merles, and Black Tri Miniature & Toy sized Australian Shepherd puppies with blue, brown, amber, and merled colored eyes (no guarantee on eye color). This breed is very intelligent and loving making them easily adaptable for kids (including children with special needs) and other animals.  Miniature Australian Shepherds are fantastic pets for ranches, livestock, home, and small-large families. Our puppies are all seen by a licensed Veterinarian for tail docking, dewclaw removal, vaccinations, bi-weekly worming, and health check-ups. To help ensure the long term health & wellness of our animals, we feed our dogs and puppies high quality pet food Orijen or Acana with Wellness Small Breed & bottled water.

The puppies come with a 1 year health guarantee and the litter is ASDR registered.  We offer a refund of -$50 after proof of spay or neutering your puppy, mandatory for puppy purchase, unless additional $400 breeding rights are paid for (must be an active & experienced dog breeders only please).  ASDR proof of registry will come after spay or neutering or if breeding rights are paid for.

We have been breeding Champion bloodlines for high quality puppies because we love the breed so much, their characteristics & personalities, we prefer the smaller sized dogs, and of course the wonderful eye catching eye & coat colors. We worked closely with (2) National Champion Dog show experts who are professional Miniature Australian Shepherd breeders over 20 years for additional breeding tips & more education for 1 year prior to starting this business. It is very important to us to breed for the best quality and improving the already great breed & bloodlines and ensuring each puppy is placed in only the best loving homes.

Besides improving the breed, our love and health of our momma dogs is our #1 main focus and if they are ready mentally and physically and timing is right, then we might consider breeding her....but only to the BEST Sire possible!  We don't breed our females more than 1 time per year AFTER they turn 2 years old (should be ready mentally & physically by then) and retire our girls after a few litters.  We do not believe in overbreeding and only want high quality litters and what is the best and safest for our momma dogs and her puppies.

Our puppies are handled, cuddled, played with, and loved several times each day which is not only fun for us and the puppies, it helps them socialize and learn.  The puppies are all home raised in an open home environment with a large puppy play room and 1 acre property to play and explore.  We do not close cage or kennel our puppies or mommas. Puppies will have an opportunity to sleep in an open kennel door indoors.  The puppies will be well adapted for their new homes as they will be handled often and exposed to a young autistic grandchild as well as other dogs & cats.  We start working on puppy pad training and start teaching the puppy to "sit & stay" weeks 6-8.  These little love bugs are so darling and smart, they honestly do make great family pets and companions. 

Please note, it is not uncommon for eye colors to change as the puppy gets older.  Around 2 weeks old, their eyes open as a cloudy looking dark greyish/blue or dark brown with grey/blue hues.  Often, around 5-8 weeks you can have better idea of the eye colors they will have.  It is also not uncommon for blue merles to have merled blue eyes (blue with some brown or vice versa).  Sometimes blue merles will have 1 blue eye and 1 brown eye.  Also, a brown eyed dog can get lighter amber eyes as they get older. Sorry, for these reasons, we cannot guarantee eye color.  Please use your best judgment when choosing your puppy if you are expecting a certain color.

Wine Country Mini Aussies

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