Khloe & Azul 5/8/17

Cada & River Nov 28th

Red Tri Male Born 5/13/2016

Thank you Florencia in Napa

Black Tri Male (Mojo) ~ 1/2 collar light copper $800 Brown eyes Born 5/5/2015. thank you Jennifer & Jake of San Francisco)

Rio - Black Tri Male with amber eyes. 

Thank you Glenn & Jerry

Darwin - Blue Merle Male with great marks & amber eyes. 

Born 8/11/2013.  Thank you Lindy

Video of Jazmine & A Black Tri Affair (River)'s 8/11/2013 darn cute!!!

Leo - Red Merle Male Born 5/13/2016

Thank you Karen in Pacifica

Sydney - Blue Merle Male with 2 blue eyes. 

Thank you Glenn & Jerry

Khloe - Black Tri Female Xtra copper & amber eyes.   We kept her for our future breeding program

Lyttles - Blue Merle Female with 2 blue eyes.

As a pup & 6 mo old, Born 8/11/2013

Bocce - Blue Merle Female with 1 blue eye.  As a pup & 1 1/2 yrs old. Born 8/11/2013, Thank you Kelly

More pictures & litters coming soon...meanwhile, you can check us out on facebook or ebay pet classifieds.  Thank you for visiting.

Beau - Red Merle Male Born 5/13/2016 
Thank you Pam in Napa

Black Tri Male Born 5/13/2016

Thank you Shelby in Danville

Mia-Blue Merle Female born 5/13/2016 (Khloe & Doc Holiday) Thank you Sharon in Napa

Blue Merle Female (Nevaeha) ~ 5 colors (rare) 2 Blue eyes Born 5/5/2015. , thank you Laura of Colorado

Coco - Black Tri Male ~ Pie Faced like panda Brown eyes, born 5/5/2015 Thank you Florencia Palmaz of Napa

Black Tri Male  (Maxx) ~ 3/4 collar extra tan & copper Brown eyes Born 5/5/2015 Thank you Paul & Johnathan of Healdsberg

Blue Merle Female ~ (Sophia)  Small Mini/Toy Size great marks 1 Blue & 1 Amber eye. Born 5/5/2015 thank you Julie of Santa Rosa

Wine Country Mini Aussies

Black Tri Female (Mindy) Brown eyes. Born 5/5/2015 thank you Andrea of Las Vegas

Int.Ch. MAC Azul  Blue Merle 16 1/2" Tall - 29 lbs
 HC n/HC,  OFA Excellent. MDR-1 Neg. PRA-carrier, Red factored

Azul is absolutely stunning. Very athletic and built correctly. He is also an International Champion producer. Owned by Kay used for stud