Wine Country Mini Aussies

Wine Country Pet Boutique & Spa in Middletown, CA. Full Service Grooming services for dogs and cats, Self-Wash, 5-Star pet foods & treats for dogs and cats, pet supplies, leashes, collars, bling collars, toys for pets, holistic remedies for pets, shampoos & conditioners, gifts, and much more!

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Run Way Pets - Travel company for pets

  • Used Primarily by traveling show dogs

  • Pet’s stored safely in air conditioned area, not with luggage.

  • Ensured puppy will be looked after and given water during their flight & while waiting for their pick up.
  • You can also get pet insurance
  • Must use Air specific carrier (see website & airline for details).

American - 1-25 lbs $160.00

American - 26-50 lbs $175.00

American - 51-70 lbs $215.00

American - 71-100 lbs $265.00

Delta - ExSm Crate; 17x12x12 $180.00

Delta - Sm Crate; 21x16x15 $195.00

Delta - Med Crate; 27x20x19 $200.00

Delta - Lrg Crate; 32x22x23 $225.00

Delta - Ex Lrg Crate; 36x26x28 $300.00

American Insurance - up to $1500 -  $10.00

Delta Insurance - up to $1500 -  $10.00

Booking Fee with other Airlines $20.00